Scholarships are available for Swimming, Track and Field, Tennis and Soccer. penny_bwIt is my personal belief that the American Collegiate System still remains the best Tertiary educational option for any Student-Athlete from just about any country .I say this because not only does it allow the Athlete to pursue Academic ambitions while still training and competing, it allows him/her to do so at the highest level.

As a young swimmer from South Africa I was recruited to the University Of Lincoln, Nebraska. While I had already by then competed internationally (Barcelona Olympics 1992), I was amazed at the incredibly high standard of competition I found myself swimming in. Just about every second weekend I competed in dual meets (two universities competing against each other), against people who often swam considerably faster than I. Some of these swimmers were the best from their   respective countries. The level was equal to many international meets, and I had the good fortune of swimming at this level every month. No other place in the world provides so many regular meets at such high standard! Needless to say that the support of my new team and coaches, along with the extreme rise in the level of competition created the optimum environment for me to make vast improvements.

When I first went to Nebraska my best time in the 100m Breaststroke (LC) was 1:12:57

Within a year improved and dropped my time to 1:09:high. From there it just got better and better and I can proudly look back and say that I would never have had my Olympic and World Record breaking successes if it weren’t for Nebraska and the US Collegiate system.

I believe whether you are a really great swimmer or a nominal swimmer with potential, you should definitely take the time to examine the possibility of applying for a scholarship to the United States. Please know, you don’t have to be one of the best Athletes in to try. There are countless colleges looking for international recruits.

How do you do this?

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